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One thing they are certain to replicate is the gradual way that our consciousness turns on. A light in the distance, over by the far bleachers, is humming. One of the pioneers of computing, Alan Turing, described an ultimate test for “thinking” machines: Could they pass as human?Ever since, humanity has both dreamed of—and had collective nightmares about—a future where machines are more human than humans.Just as a child grows taller than both parents and reaches new peaks while those parents decline, our creations will take our places as the coolest damn things in the universe. Some will make sure your dishes are dry and spot-free, or that your laundry is properly fluffed and without wrinkle. But humans are something I like to call hyper-conscious.Countless numbers of these intelligences are being built and programmed; they are only going to get smarter and more pervasive; they’re going to be better than us, but they’ll never be just like us. What separates us from all the other life forms on earth is the degree to which we are self-aware. There’s an amplifier in our brains wired into our consciousnesses, and it goes to 11. There isn’t a single day that a human being becomes self-conscious. The world very likely appears upside down to us for the first few hours of our lives, until our brains reorient the inverted image created by the lenses of our eyes (a very weird bit of mental elasticity that we can replicate in labs with goggle-wearing adults).The universe is full of some very cool stuff: neutron stars that weigh a ton a teaspoon; supermassive black holes that grip even light in their iron fists; infinitesimal neutrinos that stream right through solid steel; all the bizarre flora and fauna found right here on planet Earth.It might be the ultimate in egoism, but of all the known things in the universe, the most amazing is surely the lump of goo inside our skulls.That lump of goo knows about neutron stars, black holes, neutrinos, and a middling number of the flora and fauna here on planet Earth. That lump of goo has worked out mathematical truths, moral half-truths, and philosophical ambiguities.

So what is Theory of Mind, and why is this topic so rarely discussed if our brains are indeed so obsessed?There can be no argument that our brains are the coolest things ever, because there can be no such argument without those brains. One day, other things may be discovered or built that can also discover, create, argue, discuss, cajole, or be cruel.They are the substrate of all argument and discussion. They might land in ships from faraway lands (highly unlikely).If this blueprint is confusing to you, you aren’t alone.

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The reason no one has built a self-conscious machine is that most people have the wrong idea about what consciousness is and how it arose in humans. We’ll return to the blueprint later to describe how this algorithm might be programmed.

To understand human consciousness, one needs to dive deep into the study of Theory of Mind.

Transmission appears to be through direct person-to-person spread and illicit drug use.… continue reading »

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