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- A dinner party with three individuals from the pre-Civil War era would be both entertaining and extremely informative.

Although those who lived in the United States hundreds of years ago have little in common in their day-to-day lives and activities, I believe people who lived through these uncertain times would have much wisdom to lend modern-day Americans.

Their first entry in the Comfort Island guest book is July 18, 1883, which was less than three weeks after my great grandparents arrived that first season. ” Once the tray was safely on the table, I took off my oven-mitts and crept towards the door to peak in and spy on my guests.

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I cautiously pull up a chair to the table with the three odd men. One man had a darker complexion and a handlebar moustache. Very slowly and neatly, he wrote “Akbar, the Great Mughal Emperor”. However, a well-born Roman reader would not approve of his attitudes and behavior.This man was dressed in fine robes, bright purple embellished by ornate floral patterns sewn in gold. You get a good sense of what Trimalchio is like early on in the story when he is in the middle of talking to Menelaus and snaps his fingers for a slave to bring him a pot. Of course William Shakespeare hadn’t carried any weapons....

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The Latin adjective triviālis in Classical Latin besides its literal meaning could have the meaning "appropriate to the street corner, commonplace, vulgar." In late Latin, it could also simply mean "triple." In medieval Latin, it came to refer to the lower division of the Artes Liberales, namely grammar, rhetoric, and logic.… continue reading »

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Dazu wählen Sie als Stadt "Krems an der Donau", als Rubrik "WG-Zimmer" und anschließend die Mietart aus.… continue reading »

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Watch as the removalist moves a large piece of furniture which originally seemed impossible. I am not offended by a dirty joke and can dish out one of my own.… continue reading »

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Even when the calculated error margins are taken into account the different radioisotope dating methods yield completely different "ages" that cannot be reconciled—1240±84 Ma (Rb-Sr), 1655±40 Ma (Sm-Nd), and 1883±53 Ma (Pb-Pb) (see diagram).… continue reading »

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We are determined to make sure that doesn't happen in Silverstone.… continue reading »

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