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24-Dec-2017 00:46

However, Shruti's overprotective and aggressive brother overhears their telephone conversation and attacks the movie set to find out the identity of the guy who loves Shruti to no avail. From their honeymoon suite, they call Shruti's family for their love and acceptance.Shruti's father and brother are initially furious but then approve and tell them they will be sending a car to pick them up from the hotel.People who, like me, are used to watching Indian films with kids should be advised that this one is not a family film.I was glad my 9-year-old didn't understand everything that was going on. I thought it was really great, but it also haunted me afterward. which have become recurring phenomena of TV news in India, reported on in a lurid language, accompanied by flashing headlines, and dramatic music which simultaneously sensationalises and trivialises the very serious issues involved: caste-ism in India, sexual privacy and blackmail by media. Rahul, a 20-something youngster infatuated with the candy-gloss of Bollywood romances, is an amateur director who decides to shoot a small budget film, in order to enter a contest hoping to meet his idol, Bollywood director Aditya Chopra.During auditions, he falls in love with the young woman he picks to be the leading actress, Shruti.With his digital camera, with an amateur cast, he starts etching the perennial themes of the great Bollywood love epic.While testing actors for his film he falls in love with Shruti, his heroine.

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Rahul, a final year film student, gears up for his diploma film.And he certainly lives up to his promise of offering something different, and with 'Love Sex aur Dhokha' comes up with subject matter that has never been seen before in Hindi cinema. Banerjee's experiments with the form and the content are quite revolutionary and he ensures that his audiences will get shocked, provoked and entertained, in turn, with his movie.