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Introducing the Fad Diet Hall Of Fame: The Anti-Diet Project is exploring some of history’s legendary and infamous fad diets, and the people behind them.These are the origins of some of today’s most popular health trends and food beliefs.The Abuse Prevention Law (209A) is for domestic violence victims.One of the requirements to filing is a relationship must exist between family or household members.Wigmore had been a sickly baby herself, and thus was raised on her grandmother’s remedies.When World War I broke out, Wigmore began to assist her grandmother, treating both wounded soldiers and civilian casualties.

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Court Advocacy (SAFEPLAN) Navigating through the courts is an often bewildering process.

“You can thank her the next time you see sprouts at the salad bar.” But you may also look her way when the anti-vaccination movement engenders a measles outbreak, when practitioners promise simple nutritional remedies for illnesses like multiple sclerosis (MS) and HIV/AIDS, and when children with a 98% chance of remission if medically treated end up dying of cancer.