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The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 utilizes the Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) platform to provide a user friendly interface from which you can change your input method.

If SCIM is installed, it runs by default for all users.

By default installing support for an internationalized language in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 also installs the required fonts for the selected language.

Table 2.1, “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 International Languages” summarizes a list of the fonts installed for supported languages.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 uses the UTF-8 (8bit Unicode Transformation Format) encoding for supported locales.For backward compatibility with older legacy X applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes the original font subsystem, called the Core X Font subsystem.This system is provided through the X Font Server (xfs).The language selection feature in the Package Manager is illustrated below.

Some languages have optional packages which you can select and install.Chapter 8 describes how to write in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indic languages.

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